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Welcome to Flagstones.org. Here you can search for and post pictures and information relating to many types of natural stone products. You can also discuss use, installation, methods and maintenance issues relating to natural stone. You may ask for advice or act as an expert and answer questions.

Bullnosed & Radius Cut Thermal Bluestone Coping

Experts are encouraged to share their experience as it relates to natural stone names, characteristics, uses, installations and fabrications. They may show pictures of their work insofar as the pictures are meant to add to this compendium and educate users as to what is possible. We ask that if you choose to display your work for the world to see that you kindly put a link from your site to ours to help us gain visibility so that many people can enjoy browsing as many natural stone products as possible.

Tumbled Pennsylvania Bluestone

This is not a place to buy or sell natural stone products or services but rather a place to browse natural stone options and gather information. Those who link to us may also receive a link from us on a case by case basis.